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About Us


We will not be able to accept any TV Armoires or any large Entertainment Centers or large heavy marble or granite tables, comforter sets, appliances, drapes, and upholstery items that are dated. WE will not be able to take any upholstery if you have pets, unless it is leather, and then we will need to inspect it. We cannot take dated dining sets, as we cannot sell them in our particular market.

Step 1) The Evaluation Process

You can email us a picture at so we can assess the condition and style of your item(s), or you can bring your items to our store for evaluation anytime from Monday through Saturday 9:30-5:30. If you have larger items we would ask if you could call ahead to let us know. We evaluate the furniture by using a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest and we look for items between an 8 to a 10. On upholstered furniture, the furniture should look like new and be as up to date as much as possible, no stains, fading, wear or tear. Furniture must be clean and odor free.
We do not suggest pricing on any item that you email or text us, we have to see the items in person to evaluate.

If your furniture comes from a pet environment it must be cleaned before we can accept it into our store. We welcome quality items that are in excellent condition that will appeal to our furniture buyers. All items need to come from a non- smoking environment, even if the occupants smoke outside the home, we still will not be able to consign the items.
We cannot accept items that have not been cleaned, dusted etc. If we do have to clean any item extensively after it arrives at our store, there could be a $25 cleaning fee or more deducted from the proceeds of your sale.

Step 2) Pricing

Our pricing evaluation is determined by condition, style, and in some instances, the original price and name brand. We factor in our experience on how similar items have sold in our store in the past. We price to sell with fair pricing and our experience helps us price items that will benefit both the buyer and seller. We also factor our pricing based on condition and demand. Please keep in mind that RETAILERS are offering great discounts due to the economy. Our staff will price your items to sell at a fair price for both the consignor and the customer.
Step 3) How to get items to our store

We are open 9:30-5:30 Monday through Saturday, for larger items PLEASE CALL AHEAD so we can have someone here to help you unload. We do offer affordable pickup and delivery services. Rates are based on location. For more information on items we will accept please give us a call at 501-450-6380 or email us at
Consignment Terms

We have a 60 day consignment period. If your item does not sell within this time period you have the option to extend the contract as we agree upon, or pick your item up. There is a 50/50 split on all items sold. You can email us, call us, or come by to check on the sale of your item and pick up a check or cash when your item sells depending on the amount. If we have sold your item and you have not checked on the status of that item after 6 months all the proceeds from the sale will be forfeited. If you, the consignor, for any reason breaks the 60 day contract there will be a 10% fee of the current retail price of your item. We normally will mark down items 10% to 15% after 30 days, 20%- 30% after 60 days, however we will use our experience and discretion to determine the markdown amount and the time frame a price reduction on any item..
We consistently get the best price possible for our consignors, and we are able offer a reasonable price to our customers. If you prefer not to mark your item down as mentioned above, we may ask you to pick it up after 30 days if there has been no interest. If a customer wants to make an offer on your item we will be glad to call you if you would like us to do that for you. The consignor warrants that all items consigned are property of the consignor and the consignor specifically agrees to indemnify and save (harmless from any and all liability, claims, demands, damages, and costs arising by virtue of The Furniture Consignment Place, merchandising, selling or delivering the aforementioned merchandise, including but not limited to liability, claims, demands, damages or costs caused by breech of actual or implied warranties, negligence, or unintentional or negligent misrepresentation, by the consignor, or by (store name), its agents or employees.

If you schedule a pickup of your items and cancel without rescheduling, the pick up fee will be forfeited to the store. WE do require payment before we pick up or deliver your items.

Please visit our FACEBOOK PAGE for all our featured items and current items that we receive in our store on a daily basis.

Our website offers information, but we keep our FACEBOOK PAGE UP TO DATE.

We are a retail consignment store that has been in business since 2004 and we have established a great reputation in our community. We offer unique and quality items to choose from for our customers and a great place for our consignors to showcase and sell their furniture. Our showroom houses furniture, home decor, rugs, lamps, artwork, and more. Everything is in great condition and priced very reasonably. We carry name brands such as Thomasville, Hooker, Ashley, Lexington, Basset, Lane, Mayo, and many more. We also advertise in our local and outside area newspapers and magazines. We carry NEW mattresses that are manufactured right her in Arkansas.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, and personal or business checks. Our staff is highly customer service oriented and we promise your shopping and consigning experience will be the best possible. We are proud to provide a place where the community can bring their furniture to sell and by providing a location where customers can find great prices on good quality, exceptionally clean furniture and home decor. We eliminate the labor intensive process of a garage sale, an online yard sale ad, Craigslist and the expense of running ads in the newspaper, with the possibility of strangers calling you or coming to your home.
New items are also available in our store, we offer a much, much, lower retail price on these new items so we can sell them quickly and keep the store stocked with fresh, new merchandise partnered with our high quality consigned furniture. It is basically a NEW STORE everyday!

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