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This agreement is made between The Furniture Consignment Place, herein referenced to as "seller", _____________________, and the consignee for a period of 60 days.
Whereas the Consignee wishes to place item(s) for sale with The Furniture Consignment Place, it will be understood: On all items sold there is a 50% split between the seller and the consignor. The Seller will make every attempt to obtain the best possible price for the consigned merchandise. WE will determine the PRICE OF THE ITEM, ONLY WE will determine how we display your items If the merchandise remains unsold at the end of the consignment period it is the responsibility of Consignee to schedule a pick up within 3 days of contract expiration, or without further notice the item(s) will become the property of The Furniture Consignment Place. The Seller assumes NO liability for the loss, damage, or theft of any item or items consigned. All consigned merchandise may be subject to a PRICE REDUCTION at the DISCRETION of the Seller, unless otherwise negotiated between Seller and Consignor. We have a progressive markdown program, we mark down items monthly, the markdown will be from 10% to 50% depending on the item saleability. Any art or home decor WILL be donated at any time when the contract ends, unless otherwise negotiated between the seller and consignee...It is the responsibility of the Consignee to maintain all records of consigned merchandise and to call at least every two weeks to check on the status of their items.ANY AND ALL FUNDS that are not claimed or used by consignor within six months of the date the item was consigned will be forfeited to the furniture consignment place. If any item(s) consigned are in need of cleaning or repair, a $25 cleaning fee and/or a repair fee may be applied. If after you consign your items with us and we find them to be stained, torn, or unsalable, we may call you to come pick the item/s up before the 60 day contract expires.If you do not come to pick your item up in 24 hours of us contacting you we will automatically donate the item. If we donate any item for you there may be a $10 service charge or more. If you would like your items returned if they do not sell you need to let us know so we can make a note in your file and you will be responsible for checking on the items on a timely basis. If the consignor does not fulfill the contract for any reason, there will be an up to $200 or more charge. The consignor warrants that all items consigned are property of the consignor and the consignor specifically agrees to indemnify and save The Furniture Consignment Place harmless from any and all liability, claims, demands, damages, and costs arising by virtue of The Furniture Consignment Place merchandising, selling or delivering the aforementioned merchandise, including but not limited to liability, claims, demands, damages or cost caused by breach of actual or implied warranties, negligence, or un-intentional or negligent misrepresentation,by the consignor or by The Furniture Consignment Place, its agents or employees. There is a buyers fee of 99 cents that will be deducted from consignor payout on each item sold.